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Wrapper Module wraps an external Web page into your site. The external Web page is inserted as an 'inline frame' (also called an Iframe) into your template. This is not only useful to display other people's sites but also to include in your site pure dhtml pages you would have created with a specialised Web Editor, because they would be difficult/impossible to create through available Joomla editors. It also allows you to integrate independent applications and scripts (galleries, directories,..) into your Joomla site content.

Vrsta: mod_wrapper


Naslov : utipkajte naslov modula onako kako ga želite prikazati na vašoj Web stranici.

Prikaži naslov: Odaberite prikazivanje naslova na stranici ili ne.

Pozicija: Odaberite poziciju u kojoj će modul biti objavljen.

Redoslijed: Odaberite redoslijed prikaza ovog modula među ostalim modulima koji su dodjeljeni istoj poziciji iste stranice.

Pristupni nivo: Choose the access level by your visitors to viewing of this module. Public, Registered or Special.

Published: Choose if this module's contents will show on the Frontend of your Web site. 
NOTE: The Position of this module must be available in your template.

ID: This is the ID number for this module. This is auto-allocated by the Joomla system when the module is saved.

Pages / Items:  Choose which pages you wish to publish this module.


Module Class Suffix:  Type, if needed, the suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module (table.moduletable) to allow individual module styling.

URL : Enter the URL for the site/file you wish to display within the IFrame.

Scroll Bars: Choose whether horizontal and vertical scroll bars are added to your page. 'No' means scroll bars are never shown even when content extends beyond the inline frame, 'Yes' means scroll bars are always used even when content does not extend beyond the inline frame, and 'Auto' means scrolls bars are shown only when necessary.

Width: Type in a value for the width of the Iframe window, either in pixels or in percentage. Percentage is relative to the html element where the <?php include_once("mainbody.php"); ?> tag is placed in the template.

Height: Type in a value for the height of the Iframe window, either in pixels or in percentage (see above).

Auto Height:  Choose "Yes" if you desire the height of the Wrapper page to be set to the size of the external Web page.   Choose "No" if you do not.

Auto Add: Choose "Yes"  if you wish  'http://' is added automatically to the URL that you type in the Wrapper Link field in the Details tab.  If you already have typed in the "http://"  in the  link field then Joomla will recognize this and not put a second "http:" in the link field.  If set to 'No,' then you must type 'http://' or 'https://' at the beginning of the URL in the URL field, or else the link in the URL field will be treated as a link relative to the URL of your site.

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